Packaging Update in CubanCigarWebsite.

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Just a quick update.

Alex and I have decided to update the packaging information on the website.

Up to now, all the packaging information is text based, making to difficult to do in-depth searching and impossible to incorporate it into the current advanced search function.

Alex is substantially underway with the programming and I have started the Stage 1 information transfer into the data base. This includes adding more detailed information on packaging release and discontinued dates.

During this transition stage 1, some of the packaging information (abbreviations) may not show up. This will be rectified asap. Also some new (not very descriptive) codes may appear in the Special Release section until stage 2 is implemented.

Stage two will completely replace the abbreviations with descriptions.

While Alex is now doing all the day to day work on the website, if you wish to report a packaging problem please PM me directly.

If you have a packaging suggestion or question.....please post it on this thread, and Alex or I will provide an appropriate response.

Cheers, Trevor.

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Many thanks for doing this for the whole community Trevor and Alex. This is very much appreciated.

All the best,


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This is an example of stage 1 information. Where available discontinued (and released) dates are being shown latest to earliest.

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Awesome work guys, some of the best stuff on the 'nets

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Stage 2 will be even better. lol3.gif

In conjunction with the Stage 1 & 2 updates, the Packaging Information section has also been updated.


Stage 1 should be substantially complete by the end of this month (July 2013).

Allowing for a further week (or two) for checking, Stage 2 can then be implemented.

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