Toronto MegaHerf 2013:::Cigar Portraits

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A small selection of portraits we captured as part of the recent herd here in Toronto. Considering this was the first time we offered this I would say things ran quite smoothly (much thanks to my assistant Erin!) and we actually ended up using some of the buffer time I had built in to book a few extra sessions.

Even though I had to hustle to make this happen I must say that I'm over the moon ith the results. I've shared some of these with fellow photographer friends and they were floored. I hope everyone who ponied up the $ for their own little cigar portrait session feels the same! Big thanks to you all :)

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Awesome shots! And Bob (god, I hope I'm remembering his name right! lol) definitely wins the portrait wars!

I loved them so much, I had to run out on Saturday to the photo place as soon as we got them. :) I now have 9 of my favourites on the wall (and my mother says we look like bank robbers in one, which is pretty awesome.), and thanks to you I finally have an avatar!

Thank you so much for donating your time and ability. It was a great (and fun!) experience.

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Tony, thank you for squeezing me in for the portraits! I was hesitant at first but I'm so glad I participated. Love your work and these definitely turned out amazing!!!

Here are some additional shots that I liked





And my favorite of them all...


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Absolutely fantastic pics tony 10 out of 10

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Very awesome. We all appreciated Tony doing this for the charity, for the event, and for us as people. He made it quick, easy, inexpensive, relaxed, and yet top-notch professional and efficient all at the same time.

Yes, some of us photobombed (and GOT photobombed). Art, tell your biker friend that I went ahead and processed a Canada-wide arrest-warrant for him for assault p.o. devil2.gif LOL.

Tony's shots definitely captured the spirit of the event.

My five favourite shots of us by Tony, and worth every penny and second of time....I don't think he could have captured Erin and I any better....

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