What's your latest CC purchase?

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59 minutes ago, Bri Fi said:

LGR OCT 18.  Dark and oily. Not sure why they were considered clearance on 24:24 they seem amazing. Time for a nap. 

I have had “clearance” that are more impressive than PSP. Clearance definitely doesn’t infer low or sub-par quality on 24:24. 

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On 4/23/2019 at 6:15 PM, cjm8481 said:

Latest arrivals:

Vegas Robaina Famosos - ARS NOV 17

Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchills - TOU SEP 18

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WOW......PRETTY BOX of both! I am sure the light from your phone helps with the shine but they look great. Never saw a 10 box of RyJ shortly Churchill’s!

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1 hour ago, ElJavi76 said:

Been chasing these for a while. Finally got in at a very good price thanks to our dear friend Rob and his lively bandits. Thanks guys. 

Bolivar Royal Coronas


Who can say no to a box of PUS? (Double double entendre?) I double, wait no too many doubles, I triple dare you!



The only thing funnier would be a box of PUS from the month of DIC 😂

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