FOH "HAVANAFEST" 2014 "possibles and probables"

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Since I don't yet know about Post Grad next fall, and my wife had made me promise to not go to Cuba until we had been together, I didn't think it was possible. When I told her about it last night, said surprised me by saying she'd be willing to relax that promise if we weren't in England for post grad, because "You need to meet Rob"....her words exact!

So, pending Post Grad (will know by Apr 2014 hopefully), I am a POSSIBLE.


Who would have thought Rob himself would be the dealbreaker? mean that the fact that you'd be going with me, and even with the rest of the Toronto / Montreal troublemakers? You mean that wasn't the selling point?




Come to think of it.....sorry, I mighta just hurt your chances then. :blush::hole:

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