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Some shots from me.

Robaina tobacco field getting ready for shade grown crop

Roller at Hector Luis' farm

Final lunch at Prado 309/La Terraza

Some goodies I brought home. :)

ERDM Infantes! Especially excited about box 1959.

Punch 2013 LE.

Smoked many of these down in Havana. Totally worth picking up.

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Fantastic to see you lads having fun clap.gif

What was the "Dufus" moment of the week? biggrin.png

Hands down to Riaz. He was a little tipsy at a certain jazz club and tried to smoke a 1966 from the "hot" end. rotfl.gif Fortunately, he didn't sustain any injuries.

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Some specialty humidors at the Partagas factory, made specifically for the a Friends of Partagas Festival.

The first 14 humidors are made by 14 different artisans and are one of a kind. They came with a selection of cigars. You could also buy the humidor without cigars for a lower price.

Each humidor was priced at $4400.00 CUC with cigars of the buyers choice. One buyer chose to fill his humidor with 60 BHKs.















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