Merry Christmas to All from the Czar and FOH team!

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What a huge year!

On behalf of all of us here I would like to thank you for your support, friendship and good humour throughout 2013 party.gif

It really has been a huge year on FOH and Czars. Sometimes challenging...always entertaining!

Whether it is conversing online, sharing time on the deck, or in your own home town. The giving of ones time in the spirit of sharing, laughter and friendship is really what the Christmas season is all about. FOH just tries to do it all year long spotlight.gif

Too many laughs this year to count. A few tears. Plenty of contemplation as we try to make it a better place for all.

For those that do purchase from ourselves I would like to thank you for the way you have treated Diana, Alastair, Lisa, Greg ,Connor and Ben. They do work their backsides off in challenging roles and your good grace is always appreciated. To all my team.....sincere thanks for all you do. No "boss" could be prouder and I know that you carry me most of the time lol3.gif

To our excellent team of moderators a huge Thank You!!!. Being a Mod must be one of the most underappreciated jobs in the world. You crack down too are criticized, not hard are criticized. I have no idea why any of you would do it but this community wouldn't exist if you didn't. I think the forum would love to raise a glass to all of you this Christmas in thanks.

To Brett, Angelo, Dag, Frank and Darren at PCC....thank you for all your support throughout the year. I am not the easiest bastard to deal with some days but month in and month out you go above and beyond to support this great community.

And so we finish up today until the 6th of January. I will cook a Christmas lunch for the team tomorrow and we will indulge in a few drinks before heading off home and prepping those last minute gifts and cards for Wednesday. Enjoy your break team. For what I have planned in will need to come back refreshed innocent.gif

To all our Forum members, a Magnificent Christmas and New year for you and your families. I hope you get to have some time off and put your feet up with your favourite tipple and a great cigar.

i will be on the forum across the break from the beach house spotlight.gif

Keep well. Be safe.

Merry Christmas


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Cheers and Happy Holidays to Rob, the entire Czar team and all the outstanding members of FOH!

This is a year to remember for me and all of you contributed greatly!

I'd have a nice pair of Manolo's on the way to Di but she never did give her shipping address.....

Happy New Year to all as well, as it doesn't see we'll see much of y'all the coming few days.

*Wishing I could put beach house and Christmas in the same sentence!

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Happy Holidays! The beach sounds good but the holidays would not be the same unless it is -12C and snowing like tonight. Thanks for the good times and looking forward to more in 2014.

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You and the team are second to none, period. My time spent on this forum is quality and well spent, period. The team is the best in the business and I am proud to be a very small part of this family, and I look forward to sharing 2014 with all of you.

Team, enjoy your Christmas and please be safe.


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Thanks Rob

You are a very special human being and we all love because of that ,thanks for all the great times in 2013,looking forward to more of the same in 2014 cheers mate.

And to Diana, Alastair, Lisa, Greg ,Connor and Ben and Warren.thanks for all your HARD work and all the very best for you and your families for the Holiday break,looking forward to an even better 2014.

And to all the folks here ,some I have met others I have not been as fortunate to as yet.To you and all your families wishing you all a merry Xmas and a happy New Year,and a Kind 2014

Cheers Steve and Lucindaparty.gifcigar.gifpeace.gif

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And Merry Wishmas and a very Happy Holidays to you guys too for fulfilling all our dreams and making our wishes come true - Havana-wise!!! wink2.gifcigar.gifrolleyes.gif

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