Best whisky you had in 2013


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I really enjoyed my first introduction to Springbank. I tried the 15yr and liked it very much....

Prefer cognac to whisky, so for that reason I love the Glenmorangie Signet.

For me it was Bushmills 21 yo

Very hard for me to say the absolute best, so here's how I break it down:-

1.) Biggest surprise goes to... Australia for Hellyers Original Single Malt.

Flanked by some uber premium Tasmanian distilleries, this one, for me, was better than Nant & Lark.

2.) Best whiskey without a cigar was...Ireland for Connemara, Peated, Cask Strength.

Also known as the best smokey whiskey award. I only really get stuck into peated whiskies when a cigar is not available, just a thing I have. This one wins. It's weird.

3.) Award for the newest place in my drinks trolley goes to...Japan for ***** "From the Barrel."

As Sengjc said, it's actually really cheap Down Under, in comparison to many other decent whiskies. It's also absolutely everywhere, And the box looks rad, and the bottle is cute.

4.) The whisky that had everything goes to...Islay for the Bruichladdich 10 yrs.

Went to a wedding in Salcombe last year, where the bar at the hotel had everything. We drank every Bruichladdich there was, but not the 10. Now it's my favourite. I love a clear citrus note in whisky. Makes me happy.

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excuse my ignorance, where is that whisky from and it would be great if you could say a little more.


Sorry it took so long to reply but it is a Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey produced in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky by Master Distiller Jim Rutledge. In the past year I got on a serious Bourbon kick (especially single barrels) and this has been one of my favorites. Single Barrel Bourbons IMO compare to Single Malt Scotches in terms of uniqueness and complexity. This one has a great full body weighs in at 50% ABV and yet is very smooth with a long finish.

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Lagavulin McPhail 1996 and it was incredible. BBQ in a glass with honey, lavender and super damp earth. 2nd best....every other whisky! I am not picky

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For me: ***** Whisky from the Barrel takes the prize for affordability, availability and appeal.

Next up and very close: Glendronach the Parliament 21 Year Old.

Thanks for voting for these. I recently picked up a bottle of the ***** from the barrel and agree it is outstanding!

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aberlour a'bunadh

And being a fan of the Macallan 12, loved the 15 yr that I tried for the first time last year

Big disappointment of the year (again, I keep trying it every year) Glenfiddich 30 yr, had better whisky with half the years and half the price

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I recent got my hands on some Old Pulteney 30. Oh man! It is officially the bee's knees!

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