Bolivar Royal Corona MUR JUL 13 : Video review

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that was so long ago, i can't even remember doing it.

was that from the tape you lost about 6 months ago?

Shot November. Lost December. Found in january innocent.gif

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I love the tubo version of this cigar. I don't know what it is, but construction is always close to perfect. Maybe it's the packaging, but I won't buy the dress box of this robusto. Thank you guys for a great review. I look forward to smoking one of these very soon!

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Got box of CJ couple of months ago, date April 13. Smoked 7 and each and every one was hard as a rock, no underfilled spots but very light pack and windtunnel draw. Such construction reminds me of couple of NC that I had in my life. As if they're skimping on tobacco or maybe testing the waters to see if such **** may float amongst the smokers. Bolivar flavours are there, tons of smoke but smoke is not as thick as it should be and it's very oxidised. 5 cm from the nub and it's already too warm.

I decided to puts couple of cigars on scale and see what's going on. On average one cigar weights around 7.5-8 g. Cigar that weighs 5.8 g and the one packing 9.4 g of tobacco are both unusually hard, no underfilled spots and both are equal windtunnels. Money down the drain...

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Can we get Ken some socks??! Puh-lease??rolleyes.gifrolleyes.gif Doesn't the camera faint with those big-damn tootsies shoved up in the lens? foot.gif I am willing to contribute my fair share; socks, flippers, birkenstocks, crocs, whatever! tongue.png

I have been slowly working my way through box of Boli Royal Corona tubos, but from 2011. POL Feb 11. Also a loose draw cigar, but it looks packed tight. I get the bitter chocolate flavor that Rob talks about also in this year, but the smoke is consistently harsh, like burning hay bale harsh. This box lived a hard life in the un-humidified warehouse of duty free in Hong Kong before I bought it (at the urging of another patron who loved the Boli RC) and the box went with me to Saigon where I smoked the first two cigars and found them burning-tire harsh. Why did I smoke the second one after that first experience? 'Cause I couldn't believe that first one was so damn bad! Anyway, super dry to super humid, these things could have been in shock I suppose. I brought the rest of the box home and they've been resting comfortably at 69rH in my Tuper for several months. This lost and found video gave me the urge to get back up on the horse and try the stick again. The last third was actually quite presentable now, but the first two thirds were a challenge for harshness on the palate. The smoke was superb in scent, but chemical factory harsh in the mouth and throat. Perhaps these will continue to even out and I put them back (on the bottom) in the Tuper!

Thanks guys for a fabulous review and some of the best TV on the air or net! spotlight.gif

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