Who are your Oscar picks?

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Captain Phillips, saw it, thought it was ok, dont think hanks performance warrants an oscar although its hanks so...

Dallas buyers club, hands down matthews performance for me was great and should win.

Wolf of wall street, great movie, i think will be a classic in time, dicaprio was great although i don't think will win it.

American hustle, good movie, im a big bale fan although again dont think it warrants

Who else?

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Need to see WOWS and Dallas Buyers Club. I'm actually a huge fan of Dicaprio's acting talent and would like to see him nab a statue. I wouldn't be disappointed to see Bale or even Mcconaughey win to prove he's an actual actor, lol. Leto winning would be a huge acting comeback for him after such an extended layoff. Looking forward to the show...

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Saw all those except for Dallas Buyer's Club.

Captain Philips was over rated IMO. Tom Hanks is always spot on, but this movie didn't do it for me.

Wolf of Wall Street. Epic performance by DiCaprio. He just gets better. His performance ran the gamut of every human emotion in one movie. Scorcese did another fine job, which he'll be bypassed for no doubt. :rolleyes:

American Hustle. All around great movie, lots of fun to watch. Bale was awesome. The movie had a great "vibe" to it. Very smart and funny.

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On the list so far I've seen:

12 Years a Slave


Dallas Buyers Club

Captain Phillips

American Hustle

I've yet to see:

Wolf of Wall Street




For my money, 12 years a slave is the leader in the club house. Great performances, great script, well directed. It feels the most well rounded.

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I went on a movie binge last week, Watched Gravity, Her, Wolf of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club, American Hustle, and 12 Years a Slave in four nights. Here are my thoughts, in order of favorite to least favorite.

Her - I just love the originality, humor, and outlook on life in this movie. I though Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams were both terrific. Spike Jonze amazes me with his dialogues. I did not expect much out of this movie prior to watching, but it blew me away.

Dallas Buyers Club - Before watching it, I had a slight negative view of this movie thinking it was Matthew McConaughey losing obscene amount of weight as a desperate attempt to get some recognition. Boy was I wrong. The story was very compelling and inspirational in itself, but McConaughey completely takes over the show. He made his character convincing and captivating. It was definitely more than just a physical transformation for him. Jared Leto was good, but not great. I wish I could say the same about Jennifer Garner.

Gravity - I thought this was just a sci-fi thriller going into the movie. At only one hour and 30 minutes long, I thought this was a great movie. Outside of the special effects, Sandra Bullock really put a personal touch to the movie with her delivery of the story about her daughter. As the dad of a three year old daughter, that part really got me choked up. This was a very inspirational movie that says "never give up".

The rest of the movies were all pretty much even. They didn't stand out to me as much as the previous three.

American Hustle - I had high expectations for this movie being a Christian Bale fan, but it underwhelmed. Bale, and every one else as a matter of fact, were solid, but not outstanding. I though Amy Adams was not fit for this role. She was much better in Her, a role that suits her talent. I did not even realize she was using a British accent during much of the movie. As for director David O. Russell, I did not even know he directed Silver Linings Playbook until after watching this. I should've guessed due to the similar style and actors used, but that made it even worse since I liked Silver Linings Playbook.

12 Years a Slave - This movie was just brutal to watch, the subject matter, not the movie itself. The challenge for such a movie is that it has been covered many times before and you really need to do something extra to make it stand out. I didn't think 12 Years a Slave did that. It was painful listening to Brad Pitt's bad accent. I know he helped produce the movie, but it doesn't mean he needs to be in it.

The Wolf of Wall Street - This is another Scorsese and DiCaprio joint venture which sounds very promising. However, this movie is nothing but cursing, hookers, and drugs. That might be needed to show the notoriousness of the times, but I felt like I've see this movie twice before already, when it was called Glengarry Glen Ross and Boiler Room respectively. Leo was an effing lunatic though. I enjoyed watching him letting it rip, but do not think it's Oscar-worthy.

I still haven't seen Nebraska, Captain Phillips, or Blue Jasmine, but would love to watch them before March.

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