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Hi All

Currently single, so I get to buy my own valentines day present to celebrate rank consumerism.

So, my question to everyone is.

What is your current/favorite lighter and what implement of flame would everyone recommend?

I'm using a ten buck jet lighter or my soldering torch that I use at work depending on where I am. Obviously I need to shape up and get with it. So help me please

Come on baby light my fire!

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I have a black label flat flame lighter. Cost a little over $100us

I mainly bought it cause I like the gadget factor and it came in a copper finish

I also have a triple flame Siglo lighter that I use a fair bit.

Both havw been faultless for 100+ uses

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I'm not keen on jet lighters, don't like the charred character they can bring to the first third even if they are lit slowly. However I've had a Colibri Baumont for 8 years and it's still going strong. Not keen on the boxy look of the new version though.

Vast majority of the time I use a DuPont ligne 1 large soft flame i grabbed from eBay for £35 then restored. 40 years old and still lights amazing. Great build quality

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I use a cheapie Ronson/Zippo Jetlight from Walmart. Rather spend the money on cigars or booze.

Me too

I have a Porsche design that needs fixed and haven't got around to getting it fixed yet used it twice and it stopped creating spark

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St dupont maxijet or xikar tech as my go to torch flames.

Favourite lighters are my sarome psd-1 soft flames. Amazing build quality and without the fuss or upkeep of a traditional st dupont.

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I own a 1000.00 usd St. DuPont but I also have a 12.00 usd Jobon.

This Jobon is the best by far I have ever used. Jet stream bi torch flame, all heavy metal construction. I have even sent one to Rob.

If I known how to upload a pic I would. I found it on eBay. Check it out. I bought 4 and gave 3 away.

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I'm kind of a hoarder of lighters. I've got ones from the cheap Ronsons from walmart or walgreens but my favorite two are my Maxijet and then my colibri dual flame that is both a soft flame and a torch.

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I have a drawer full of them. I think it's a side effect of smoking cigars. I have found that I like the single flame more. They are easier to control and not burn the to far up when your lighting it. I have found that most lighters are the same regardless if they are $5 or $500. They all seem to work the same. The only difference is materials and brand names. Some of the most common ones I use are the $5 Deal Extreme ones with the built in punch. That one is a dual flame but they have a good "point" for lighting. I also Vertigo torch lighter. I got it for around $25 I real like it because the "point" on the flame is the fines I have seen and it has a huge fuel tank with windows all around.

I have a pile of Xikar lighters that I never use. They don't hold as much fuel and you gotta worry about loosing an expensive lighter. I use those ones more for at home. But I also have the Xikar one with the magnet cutter on it. I sometimes take that one to herfs because it's all in one, although the magnets in it suck and they on't really stick together.

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Xikar HC Table Top Triple Flame:

Gold and Silver Colibri Quantum Reserve - (with two punch sizes) - I've had it for 15 years, not one problem = LOVE IT

Vector Tri- Pump Triple Flame Table Lighter

Several Peterson Limited Edition Pipe Lighters

Many Collectible, Antique and Personalized Zippos.

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My trusty Cartier, over ten years old and has never let me down:


Also have a Dupont jet lighter and a Ligne 2 but I never use them - the flamejet feels cheap and plasticky, and the Ligne 2 just doesn't fit my hands properly, feels like a heavy Zippo.

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