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We were leaving the main lobby heading for the car when I heard : And the humidor goes to ... Nino !!

No kidding - I got lucky ??

Well, after much prodding earlier by Celia, Frank and I had bought a number for the raffle but knew we wouldn't be present for the drawing as we had a Cuban dinner planned.

But being around D. made time fly and we were just leaving the event an hour later than planned when the lucky number was selected.

Now : Which number was it that got lucky ? My 4 or Frank's 14 ?? Or was it the other way 'round ?

Celia wrote Nino on the back of both numbers - and so I got called out.

But, as I didn't know if it had been my number, I promised Frank that he would get the humidor - I have enough and he needs some good luck.

Now a kiss on the cheek from D. to make him dream is a good start ... and a humidor to boot is not bad either.

We took the humidor with us to our Cuban family dinner and enjoyed the rest of the evening with a not so lucky but very tasty pig.

For text and Info :

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Great stuff Nino

Now there's an event which proves Lady Luck or providence is on your side this trip


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It contained 33 custom rolled sticks an a farmie, my Lord.

Not bad for a 15 cookie ticket...

Cool, not a bad prize at all! Enjoy mate :)

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Great stuff as always Nino. Great to see D again too. Well done on the humidor!

Of course you got my eyes going just the right direction in that picture! smile.png

LOOOOOOL hahahaaha have you no shame sir!

Hope the farmies were good! Looks like they found a way for you guys to stay :)

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No, us having fun is far more important then fighting over a humidor or even the desk.

We both have more than enough humidors so who would get that black box was the last thing on our mind.

We will enjoy smoking the cigars together and that's it. If we would have won the desk we probably would have sold the thing and use the money for our next fun filled trip to Cuba. We share good memories and not material things and that's the way we both like it.

Ah well good, it was more a comment on how nice the Humidor was then testing the strengh of your friendship, Enjoy!

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