Havana - Hole In The Wall 4 - Bistro BHK

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After so many great eating places, it's about time to present the only dud hole this trip : Bistro Habana Kohly or BHK.

Punch Joe wanted me to check this place out and arranged for an ad hoc lunch with good friends.

The place is specially recommended for meat on a hot stone, if you like that, and additionally it has a good menu.

BHK promises more than it delivers - it was OK but has large room for improvement as I see it.

The first would be to put shades / sails on the patio or else you fry in the sun. Even when you started out in the shade ...

We tried pulpo for starters and while the first portion was excellent, the second was a disappointment being just oily, salty and overfried.

Same happened with the main course, filet of Emperador - it came out dry, overcooked and drowned in sauce.

For text and Pictures : http://flyingcigar.de/startseite/havana-hole-in-the-wall-4-bistro-bhk/

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I do hope that emoticon is not the end result of the meal...

LOL - No, no Havana quick step after lunch, it just sums up the experience ... sneaky.gif

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