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Rainer & Marled are friends from my village in Germany.

Rainer smokes with us at the pharmacy and Marled takes cooking classes with my wife.

Both have a passion to travel, a love that became fulfilled when they left East Germany right after the crumbling of the Berlin wall.

Being surrounded by a wall gives you the urge to travel freely.

So they are familiar with all the socialist BS you encounter in Cuba.

A few years back they were in Havana briefly before starting a holiday in Varadero and I arranged for them to see some spots, buy cigars and a tour to the Vuelta Abajo.

They liked Havana so much that they decided to do it again but with more time and they wanted me to show them my Havana and introduce them to my friends and my way of life there.

Which is what I did.

For text and Pictures :

And :


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Commie Elvis statue?

ogus - location : Banned from Cuba

Uh... you serious ??

If so there's a good reason they banned you from Cuba ...

John Lennon Memorial at John Lennon Park in Vedado/Havana-Cuba.

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