Hello from New York City! Here with my daughter!

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Previously, when traveling to NYC I thought the only place to smoke indoors was the Carnegie Club. This is a night club with a $10 fee for bringing in your own cigars and last time I was there, a $40 cover. That was years ago and the club has totally been transformed.

Yesterday, had a cigar in a beautiful lounge at Davidoff's Madison Avenue. All they ask is if you are smoking Cuban, to remove the band. Their walk in Humidor is fantastic. I tried one of the new Davidoff cigars:


But I found it weak, flavourless and unfortunately unsmokeable.

I did however treat myself to a gorgeous Dunhill travel humidor in purple, with an embossed bulldog


I saw another cigar store not far from our our Times Square hotel, Moderne, with a smoking lounge as well. Can't remember the name. What this tells me is if the cigar store is one of quality, they will have a lounge.


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Im not sure if you have been there, but the Nat Sherman Townhouse is a cool place to visit. They have a private lounge on the bottom floor. I was there during the Christmas Holiday and stopped in for a smoke. The private lounge was roped off but they do have a few areas with some nice leather club chairs where you can have a smoke.

I sampled one of there Nat Sherman Sterling Dalias which is their newest release and found it quite enjoyable. Although the day I was in NYC it was 18' F outside and a blizzard so I was just happy to be in a warm building. I am not sure of the exact address but I know it is just a few blocks from Times Square because I walked there while my wife and kids toured the Madame Toussad's Wax Museum.

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Good times Lisa. Glad you found a nice place to have a cigar.

Sad the cigar wasn't very good. I have been looking to try one of those because friends said it was good. Probably because they smoke a lot of NCs pod.gif

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OH Fantastic!!! great pic, ladies and have a blast while in the city!! if you wander down to the west village, head to hudson and horatio where you'll find Hudson Bar and Books, a nice little cigar bar and before 5pm it's pretty empty.... have a great time!!

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Ack! Girrrrrls on the town! Watch out NYC!! tongue.png

Looks like great fun. I'm looking forward to taking my boys when they are a bit older.

You can also stop at Club Macanudo on 63rd and Park Avenue. They also have a 'corkage' fee if you bring your own cigars in, but it's a nice spot with live music in the evenings and very good food and drink. http://www.clubmacanudo.com

Have fun! And leave a little bit of town for the rest of us! party.gif

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For some other cigar suggestions, take a cab to Merchants Cigar Bar on 1st Avenue at East 62nd.

Very comfortable, reasonable drink prices for Manhattan, no cover and no cutting fee if you spend $20, easy to do. Live jazz most nights too.

I prefer it over CM and Carnegies. Do like Hudson B&B as well, there's another on Lexington UES.

Recommend Circa Tabac too. It's a funky little place just outside Soho, has a '20s art deco vibe - only 'cigarette' bar in the City though cigars are welcome.

Enjoy your visit, great time of year to be there.

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There are some great Cigar lounges both in and out of Manhatten.

I was there last year and was able to have a cigar everyday cause there was usally a lounge not far from where ever we were heading that day

As mentioned, Nat Shermans is great, some really helpful staff there.

Also look up Cigar Inn, Mid Town Cigar, Wall Street Humidor, Barkley Rex and De La Concha

All great spots for a smoke

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Thanks for the recommendations guys. I am here with my daughter though, and so an hour while she checks a nearby street of shops is about the limit.

We return today. She goes back to the city, I return to my home in the country with my doggie.

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I was on a school trip in the city about a month and a half ago and remember walking past the Davidoff store. I really wanted to stop in and have a look out of curiousity but we were doing an art museum tour and had to adhere to a rigid schedule! That's a nice looking travel humidor you acquired – how's it holding up?

When I've made some money this summer, I will be investing in a real humidor (that is within my means, of course). I look foward to having a solid box with which I can keep my sticks fresh and take pride in the beginnings of a small collection. All in time, I suppose!

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