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Ok, so it's Friday night and maybe I've had a couple glasses of Wild Turkey.

If you had to name a cigar band what would it be?

No, not actual cigar bands, but cigar-themed music band names.

What can you come up with? Here are a few of mine:

The Nubs

Cracked Wrappers

Too Tight

Series X Infinity

The Tubos

I'm sure there are many better ones!


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Ramone Allones and the Superiores - 50's

Party Shorts - girl band

Moldy Plume - psychedelic

Hygrometer - techno

'Vegas' Robaino - C&W

Dry Box - indie rock

The Beetles - well, you know

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Count Monte and the Cristos

**AND WE HAVE A WINNER perfect10.gif

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Exploding Torpedos


They're no.2 album was a hit with most but I always found it blew allot of smoke

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