The Greatest Plume-Bloom-Mold Thread in the Entire Universe!

Plume/Bloom: real or imaginary?  

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  1. 1. Do you believe plume/bloom is a real thing?

    • Yes - I've seen it, made it happen, or have a reasonable explanation
    • No - It's folklore and exists only in the mind of those with moldy cigars

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So, I'm familiar with the FOH study demonstrating that most (if not all) suspected plume turns out to be mold when subjected to lab testing, and yet my mind continues to return to this photo I found on the 'cigar obsession' website while googling.  I am by no means asserting that the source makes the claim any more valid than any other random person's "plume!" declaration (aside from the fact that it was stated that the cigar had been stored in stable conditions and unmoved for around 10 years), but it looks more like the 'real-deal' than just about anything else I've seen:



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