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Visiting with my sister and a TON of her friends, which is great, but I might need a break from "Sex in the City!" If I can organize a dinner and some time in the Davidoff time I was there it was a dump! Love to see the new one.

*****Coming up soon!!***

I want to make a reservation, so let's confirm.


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I am in.

I live in Queens, NY.

Davidoff at Columbus circle closed.

I prefer merchants east or Carnegie club or club Mac.

I spent lots of time in May at Davidoff Times Square. Carnegie Club would be perfect! Ok, let's go there... Unless you like the others better?

Any night better than others?

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Was in NYC last year and hit up some places. What really stood out for me was Nat Sherman near grand central and Carnegie Club. The late Saturday show at Carnegie is a must in my opinion if you like Sinatra. It wasn't just a guy doing covers. It was a really great singer with an ~10 piece live band behind him. Paying the extra for the premium seats was also worth it in my books. Good drink menu as well.

I only saw the front of the place (was seated near the band) and nothing looked run down. My wife (who doesn't smoke) also thought the ventilation system was good but it was a bit chilly in the room (just a heads up). Make sure to bring your own smokes since their cigar menu is ridiculously priced. I stopped by the davidoff nearby the day off to pick some up since I read I could show the receipt to wave the cutting fee. Our waitress told us it didn't matter since we were paying for the show. I could have brought anything I liked and not have spent all that money on nyc taxes.

Nat Sherman is just cool because it feels like you're in a different era when inside.

One last recommendation. Go have a drink at the Campbell apartment attached to grand central if you like that old school vibe.


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Carnegie club has a $10 cutting fee but also a full bar ($13 or so, per beer) and some food bites.

Merchants east has a full bar ($8 per beer) and full food menu and either $0 or $5 cutting fee.

Club Mac has a full bar and $15 cutting fee, unless sitting at the bar, and full food menu.

CArnegie can get loud.

I bring my own smokes to each place, and prefer merchants over the others.

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I'm in Philadelphia, would love to meet up with more forum members. Keep me updated as it gets closer to the date. Club Mac has a better bar selection, but Carnegie is more reasonable price-wise.

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Wow! This is going to be quite the Herf!!

Do we need to let the club/whatever know we are all coming? Night preference? How about Friday Oct 17?

My only issue is do have to be available on Sat for my sister, I think... It makes sense, last night and all.

Ps, club Mac looks great, and we can have dinner there too.

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Friday the 17th is good for me.

And we do not need to make reservations except at club Mac for a table and/or dinner. We can give them a tally when we know how many, if we go there.

Eric, it would be great to herf with you again.

-Steven aka Planetbetter

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