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$.0..00 USD Cause that is what I will be spending on them.

One pick per member mate Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

… too effin' high!

So I have a super secret formula that I discovered in Havana years ago....and as brothers of the leaf I will share it with you.

Price = $OUCH

O= Obsession factor over the price and how much higher it will be than what I want to pay.

U=Unavalible at the price due to my natural cheapness

C=Cashflow that would be diverted from my normally amazing PC's, Minutos and other great, value priced sticks.

H=Habanos SA desire to squeeze blood and cash out of every new release while killing off so many great classic sticks.

I got seriously caught up in the Millenium sticks, Edicion Limitadas, Jars, and all that when it first came about....now I just try to buy as much of my favorite under the radar sticks in hopes that they don't get killed off.

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$475 USD

Taken already

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Well they can't be too far away given we are halfway through September. i would think late October.

This is one cigar that fills me a little bit of fear in terms of price. The size is a 109 184mm x 50 gauge.

it is a big cigar by any definition. It will also come in only boxes of 25. Not quite sure why boxes of 10 were not considered but i suspect i will be doing a lot of 5 and 10 cigar samplers.

I have no idea of pricing.

But let's have a crack at it party.gif

International members, guess the PCC Recommended Retail Price in USD for a box of 25.

Aussie members, guess the PCC Recommended Retail Price in AUD for a box of 25.

The post that nails the right price first receives a Bushido Single from me when they come in,

One pick per member. Just on the price relevant to your region....ie International members a USD price, Aussies an AUD price.


very interesting, especially, when this release is on its way, according to:


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