Por larranaga Montecarlo V Panetela

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I had this question today from a member. It is the type of question where multiple opinions are better than just mine.


"What is the flavour difference between the PL Montecarlo and PL Panetela. Are they similar or different. How would you describe them. Is one more consistent than the other?"

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I never touched these back in the 90's before the "blend changes". But I have noticed that the Montecarlos definitely seem to be given "more care" and better quality wrappers. With this ring gauge, it makes a ton of difference. And agreed that the Montecarlos have a better sweet-nutty core taste blend to it (almost like honey-roasted cashews or almonds).

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Burned a box of PLMC and a few sticks of the PLP all 13' and based on those experiences i'd say Montecarlo offers more body, woodiness, and sweetness and flavour on the retro, while the PLP is a very light cigar that offers sweetness and cuban twang but none of that bite i look for. If i'm wanting to smoke something that light I'd much rather go for a HdM Palmas Extras.

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I also think the extra length on the Montecarlo enables it to be more forgiving for fast smokers or new entrants to smaller ring gauge cigars who smoke too fast.

I think the extra length probably cools the smoke more - although only until such time as you reach the panetela length.

I also echo the above sentiments that the Montecarlo has certainly overtaken the Panetela in quality in recent years whereas that may not have been the case previously.

In terms of flavour difference - wrapper is important but I don't think that all things being equal there is much flavour difference. All I can say is that in my experience the Montecarlo is better but they really get going with a couple of years rest.

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I really enjoy both of these cigars. The PLP is a great cheap smoke, mine are Very ugly, but great nonetheless. I find the Montecarlo has more class, more refined taste.

The Montecarlo is one of my favorite cigar, I smoke these more than anything else. Perfect size for me, the sweetness with a little dry cocoa gets me every time.

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