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Patagas 898 Varnished   

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As you know one of my favourite cigars always close to hand.

Still I received an e-mail Monday from a mate who said he could never "get" this cigar. never had a good one and that includes one that we shared together (from my stock) on the deck.

I know we all have different tastes but everything I could see in the cigar, the medium full profile, the dark espresso notes, the class, the burn't brownie edge, the touch of mongrel......he only got bitterness.

So over to you amigos.

Partagas 898 Varnished. Your experience. "Thumbs up or Thumbs Down"

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One of my favorites... I have boxes from 03, 07, 09 and several 14's I purchased from here... They are all amazing, the older ones are creamy, smooth and complex. The newer ones are medium to full, an

#1 partagas hater lotusguy

The 898v remains a mystery to me. The dalia size is one of my favorite, but I've always prefered the Lusitania, and even a good D4. I can remember some good Partagas de Partagas No.1 (the other dalia

one of my favourites!

I still have sticks from an aged box(no date unfortunately, guess it s from 99-2001), dark ,oily, amazing espresso taste, class, compex smokes

some of the best smokes I ve ever had

94 -95 easily!

Why is there no date?

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I've always enjoyed the profile and size. I've had a few plugs but very few duds.

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Man I dig this cigar, the box I got here,well let me put it this way I'll need another in about A month! In fact I will most likely get two,one for smokeing and one for deep storage! These are upper med. body to full if your not into that there probubly not for you! Just the right size to.

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