Review Quay d'Orsay - Imperiales 2007

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Qauy d'Orsay - Imperiales 2007

Size: Julieta No. 2

Smoking time: 2:15

Location: La Casa del Habanao Antwerp, in the shadow of its Cathedral.

Construction and burn were excellent good burn and perfect draw.

Color: Colorado Claro

This is a medium strength cigar.

Taste is roasted and spicy. The Imperiales, starts of with a mix of well married taste of toasted bread with some spices and herbs thrown in. Some occasional peppery accents without overpowering.

There is no discerneable development other than the usual slight increase in strenght, but never does bitterness occur.

Beautiful and unusual, with a complex medium taste, which stays with you throughout the cigar..

Underrated in the market

Verdict: 8.5/10

A medium strength complex cigar.... beautifully married and underrated in my book



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Great smoke, Thank you for the feel of things. QdO Is one of my favorite brands ,the same as It's cousin Davidoff & Dunhill,but less known. It's a brand that dates back to 1974-75, the same as Davidoff & Dunhill only she's still around and still being made . Good cigar Indeed. Nice review & Pics. Congratulations bro. Thanks for sharing.

Guy party.gif

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I am with you on that Sir. Great review and view!

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