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Received a few texts from Keith last night as he was attending the opening dinner of the Partagas Festival. Which was somewhat rained out.

He reports the following:

Launch of Partagas Clubs and Mini's in 10 and 20 packs. The packs sport the Partagas red and black color motifs and look like cigarette flip top packages. They're in limited international release. They are calling these packs "Serie Club"

On a more sombre note. Noted Italian aficionado, Massimo Di Giovanni, had reportedly passed away suddenly on Sunday. There was an "In Memorium" done at the opening dinner. Very classy. Fellow visitors to Havana may have seen or met him in the Partagas VIP lounge. He was affiliated with the Italian cigar site. Cigar Club Association. To those that knew him well; our condolences.

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RIP Massimo! Never meet him but we conversed on line! We were planning on seeing him when we went to Italy to visit family! He will be missed!

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Just a pic of Robs party on Monday night, will post more later

His house was the official Australian embassy as there is not one there, pic of party being set up w flag in background

Pic of his view overlooking the water

Rob and Hamlet

Keith and others before he fell ill later that day, poor fella

Rad! Enjoy!

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Great pic guys glad ypur all having a great time keep them coming


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Oh no. Did Rob order from that pizza place again? covermouth.gif Just the look of it was enough to convince me not to partake. I hope Keith is doing better.

No, not Cuban pizza. LOL.

It was actually from a 5am Cubano sandwich at Nacional from early that morning after a Sunday night of drinking (and no, I didn't get too crazy overall, not that night anyways). I was still on those massive dose antibiotics from my injury in early September, and something just might have been slightly "off" with that sandwich, and with no beneficial / good bacteria left in me, my digestive system was doomed.

Twas a brutal day. Tried to calm it with some crackers and 1/2 a bottle of Heineken, but no luck. Snoozed for a 3-hr nap on Rob's couch (kindly offered me his bed, though I tastefully declined, as I had no protection on me lookaround.gifbiggrin.png ), and then just cabbed it back to the Nacional for a 13-hr sleep since I wasn't improving any at Rob's.

Great party, great crowd, and great camraderie, for what little I was able to partake of it.

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