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I've really enjoyed the visits with everyone that's been on. I'm sad that I missed nearly everyone tonight, but happy I got things figured out now, and I'm always looking forward to the next one!

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Great to hear you guys enjoying yourselves soo much. I would like to particpate, but the timing is just off - it is att he worst possible time for Europe from 03:00 a.m. until whatever.

Exact reason for myself. 10hrs difFerence is just not managable most of the times.

But great to hear you guys loving it.

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I'm glad to hear that guys! I'm sorry my Android plan didn't quite work out. Was smoking with my brother in his warmer garage, but no wifi. Maybe if I would have had a ear piece I could have heard better but what I did see and hear at the beginning looked like you guys were having a great chat :)

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Well, another Live review, has ended tonight, and I just wanted to write some words about it.

Lots of us have been in the forums for a long time (yes I'm talking about people like you piggy or all the moderators and opinionated guys smile.png.

Since Rob has started with the live reviews meetings, I think the forum has growth to another level for the people that have participated on it. We have made friends and we have had great times.

Tonight, even we have not had the opportunity to be with anyone of our has hosts, have been one of my greatest nights in the event (or maybe its the alcohol talking hahaha)

In my humble opinion, I think this has been one of the greatest forms ever to have had the chance to exchange with people all over the world experiences and opinions about cigars and life.

So even though I know its not easy for every one to join us, I would like to extend the invitation to anyone in here to join us next time. this is really a great community and a great place to know each other, so yeah... next time hop in, have a cigar and a drink. I am sure you will have a great time and a place to meet new friends.

All the best to you mates


P.S. Cardhu is a great single malt hahaha

Glad to hear the feedback hermano! smile.png

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