Nutcrackers pictures from Cuba


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It's OK to be jealous. Here are a few of my snaps:

We had a real blast.

Highlights on the slideshow:

Cayo Julia Beech
Vinales (Pinar del Rio area)
Finca Hector Prieto with low and slow BBQ
Havana - Partagas factory, Rum museum, Old Havana, 55 cent hot chocolate,
coco taxi gas tank (smoking discouraged here), Santiago 20y old rum with a Party 8-9-8
Best restuarant in Cuba (in the sketchiest looking neighbourhood!)

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Thanks for the pics Neil. Was great to meet you and your lovely better half!

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Nice pics. I really like how you captured the meal time. Some of the best memories are around a table in the open air with good friends, food, and smokes. Things usually get a little fuzzier later in the night when the alcohol replaces the food as the major resident of the belly. Awesome stuff. Thanks.

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Nice pictures Thanks for sharing. It would be an awesome trip. But being from the Untied States don't think that will happen in my life time.

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El Pres - it was an awesome trip. Unfortunately we got got flu on the last day, so missed the farewell shindig. The trip tp Vinales was the highlight for me, although you Aussies do throw an epic party.

Also felt in the precence of royalty sitting at dinner with Foxy. A fifth generation iconic Irish tobacconist. Generous with his Regional Flor Cano's too.

Met some great people - Mike and Dana who shared a caza with us, poor sick Nate, who D felt some "maternal like" sympathy for. Then our Brit friends Steve and Phil who managed to have D in a state of constant mirth. Stan, Mike, Toby, - man - the whole gang of you - what a group.

Machine - the ever present fix-it dude, and Hector, who can nail beers and mojitos and still drive a bus.

Thank you Rob - it was an incredible trip.

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