New Member Intro & Is It a Monte

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Hello. New member here. 

Childhood memories of delicious-smelling pipe tobaccos and the cigars smoked by my grandfather, even the humble De Nobili, American cousin of the Toscano. I remember Edie Adams singing “Hey Big Spender” for Muriel cigars on the black and white TV. Weird feeling when the Rembrandt-ish painting on a cigar box came to life and the men portrayed sang in harmony, “Step up to Dutch Masters and smile, brother, smile.” Te-Amo cigar signs in the candy stores.

In high school, smoking in the lunchroom was not discouraged by the priests who ran the joint, so as freshmen my best friend and I smoked meerschaums. My grandfather taught me to rehydrate pipe tobacco by putting a slice of apple in the pouch.

In college, Schimmelpennincks. 

In the 90's, the usual suspects: Fuentes with Cameroon wrappers, Cuba Aliados lonsdales, Tony Borhani's Bahia Gold, Temple Halls, Frank Llaneza's Troya Cetros, Henry Clay Breva a la Conservas, Bauza Jaguars, The Griffins, Nat Shermans, Ashtons, Avo. No. 9s, Paul Garmirians, Buteras, Davidoff Special T’s, Diana Silvius Diamond Vintage, and Oscar No. 500s.

Firm believer in the poetic and entheogenic properties of offering tobacco.


At an event recently someone handed President Obama a CC.

Can someone i.d. the brand and vitola?




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Thank you all for the welcomes.

CannuckSARTech, I'm fascinated, how can you tell its a pre-2008? That's extraordinary

Light brown band

Actually c2006 or earlier.

Thx, but as illustrated, the different band gave it away. I couldn't honestly remember when the band change happened, but knew it was at least 2008, so I threw that number out there. As Trevor corrected, ended up being at least 2006 instead.

Some of us have a *couple* of years of cigar smoking experience under our belts. So, if you're a fan of a particular brand, and smoke enough of them over the years, certain changes like that (good or bad) stick with you.

Regardless, remembering the change or not, for all of us, Trevor's / Alex's is a great resource to check those little nitty gritty things out. The different Monte bands are found right at the top of the Montecristo's brand main page:

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