Right now ...I can't get enough of ____________

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Late 2013 PLPC, I love mild sweet cigars but these are just laughing in my face at my usual tastes. No harshness at all though, a dense sticky sweet core surrounded by light hay and golden toasted tob

2013 Sig VI Not a regular rotation for me but they have been great and I need moooore:)

Cigars people...focus on cigars The one cigar right now that you keep reaching for when you have a smoke. The one that just calls your name. it may not be the best cigar you own, the most complex ci

A box of 2014 HQ Hoyo Epi #2 are calling my name quite often.

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JL#2, I have been through 2 or 3 boxes of those in the last year or so. Bought a box back when because Pres said they were smoking good. Man was he right on for my taste.

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Definitely Ramon Allones Superiores. I've smoked through 3 boxes and construction and flavor have been incredibly consistent and delicious. Haven't had a bad one yet. When I don't want to worry, that's what I'm reaching for. It's hard to justify buying a box of RASS right now with these things around.

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