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Further to this ... How come on all the cigar forums on the " daily smoke " thread ... The vast majority of pics are of cigars with two or more bands and 50 rg or more ??? Guys someone (here as well as not online ) is buying all these double banded smokes or they would not be making them .

Derek- I wonder if some of this has to do with people finding the RE/LE smokes more worthy of picture-taking and posting on these threads than the plain old regular production stuff? I'm not sure that's an accurate indicator of what people are actually smoking, just what they choose to publicize, perhaps?

I also question how big a percentage of the total pie is comprised of people who participate in the online communities. How representative are the views expressed here of the cigar smoking community at large? Maybe that's what you're getting at in your post. I'm new to the community, and genuinely curious.


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Who cares? We want stubby cigars with a 56 rg that can be smoked in 30 minutes and which price could buy 5 or 6 petits coronas, don't we?

A few years ago ( maybe 2004 or 2005 ) I asked about some diplomaticos and q'do's at the store on 63rd & avenida premiera in vara . The answer I got ( re q'do's ) was ... They don't stock many be

Derrek, You make a great point. A lot of what you see in "daily smoke" threads are all the big "blingy" sticks and you're correct that had people been buying the old standards in the first place the


You make a great point. A lot of what you see in "daily smoke" threads are all the big "blingy" sticks and you're correct that had people been buying the old standards in the first place then perhaps they wouldn't be on the chopping block.

I believe that the more this happens, the more the online cigar community learns about how their collective behaviour "might" shape the decisions made by Habanos. It's a slow burn to learn the lesson. Often, it has been too late. I've been guilty of chasing the RE and EL bands as much as anyone else. Over time, I've had the opportunity to try cigars from friends that I would not normally buy and that has affected my buying decisions going forward. I now try to stock up on regular production I like and only sample an RE and LE here and there. Should they happen to be to my liking, I'll consider a full box purchase.

in the case of the Imperiales, Keith turned me on to them a while back. I enjoyed them and picked up a box. With this news, I picked up another. I haven't been smoking long enough to really lament the loss of some popular sticks. The RA898 for instance was pretty much gone by the time I started smoking. The Partagas SDC line too. By the time I tried them all, they were gone. :( The trend towards larger RG cigars just seems to be growing and that's a shame. When I talk to new smokers and they rave about a Lancero or Dalia sized Cuban they enjoyed, I see the potential for a turnaround. Who knows? ;)

Folks just getting into smoking are usually uninitiated in regards to which brands/vitolas produce which experience. They are also typically unfamiliar with their palates and preferences. So for folks to whom price is not a factor, wouldn't their eyes and wallets be drawn to the most blingy cigars, the rarest releases, and the new cigars everyone is chattering about online?

Couple this with the fact that many cigar smokers - new and veteran alike - are looking for something new, so they often gravitate towards the EL and RE releases.

I'm doing my part, however. Most RE are priced beyond what I consider reasonable, so I pass them by irrespective of brand, vitola, or reviews. I don't care how good the PL Secretos are, they're in no way twice as good as RASCC or Boli CJ. Unfortunately, I smoke 3-5 cigars a week MAX, so I don't think I'm exactly an economic hitman on HSA's radar

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I have always had a soft spot for the marca.. I had the Imperiales on my wish list for a very long time. I guess the announcement was just what I needed to pull the trigger.. Picked a couple of boxes at a very good price as an early birthday present..

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I would imagine that most vendors are going to sit on them for a while, rather than sell them now so they can really take advantage of the price jump later as it peaks.

Yup. That would make sense.

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Gran Coronas are still relatively available too. Classy smoke.

Yup agree, love these

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