Guantanamera to be discontinued

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The case changed recently I think? From the faux guitar to a faux wood grain?

They never changed (to my memory).

The 10ct is in a pretty solid, faux wood metal case.

The 20ct is in a pretty solid, white metal case.

Both cases are very good for carrying miscellaneous articles. Very well made, too.

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Still looking for that RE lookaround.gif

How about a Gran Reserva too?

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I just came back from Havana and they are still making it. When says the rumor that it will be discontinued?

You'd need to know the OP's SOH peace.gif

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It's somewhat ironic how the US version of this cigar sued Corporacion Habanos, S.A for trademark infringement when they brought out their (completely different style) cigar brand name a few years later. Ok, so the US version is hand made, the Cuban is machine made, but I would love, just love, these non-Cuban brands of iconic Cuban cigars (i.e. Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta etc.) to disappear instead.

I would agree that a 'gran reserva giant' would be a funny and memorable send-off.

When it comes to classic iconic Cuban brands I agree with you. Problem is, the US Guantanamera brand pre-dates the Cuban one by several years. The US brand was launched in 1997; Cuban Guantanamera in 2002. So, this is that rare case of the Cubans co-opting the NC brand, not the other way around as we are used to seeing.

And BTW, the US Guantanameras are damn good for an NC cigar. Cuban Guantanamera, not so much! I'd sue their asses just for making me smoke one.

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