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There has been numerous topics on ideal storage conditions yet few if any on ideal smoking conditions. As much as storage conditions play a part in how a cigar performs there are other factors that can be taken into account such as the weather, temperature, relative humidity, previous storage conditions, inside/outside plus others such as psychological factors etc. These factors effect the flavour, burn and overall experience of a cigar to varying degrees.

I realise that each cigar is an individual and even if all conditions are ideal it's possible you're still going to have a bad experience. So please, if answering assume there isn't any issues with the cigar such as a tight draw etc.

Now, I'm wondering what people's opinions on this topic are.

So, I pose two questions.

  • What are the ideal or perfect conditions(Relatively) for smoking a cigar? The scientific approach eg. Explaining the humidity and temperature of the environment the cigar is smoked in and it's effect on the cigar in terms of burn, flavour and any other relevant metric.
  • What do you think are the ideal smoking conditions? Based on prior experience etc. Include any factors you see relevant a few of which are listed above.

There is a possibility to run a poll later with just temperature and the RH of the smoking environment, based on all other factors being considered ideal whatever that maybe as each person has different ideals, even if they're not scientifically correct.

Personally I couldn't answer the first question but for the second one I would say a temperature between 20-25 ⁰C with RH around 20-30%, ignoring other factors. Based on storage at approx RH62-65% and temp 16-18⁰C. These conditions haven given me the best smoking experience.

To avoid certain members bagging others it might be a good idea to not attempt to answer the first question if you don't have a scientific background or relevant knowledge.

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I think it comes down to your mood, surroundings, people you are with, pairings and cigar of course. I’ve had cigars in the humid Caribbean with good people, drinks, weather and views that were amazing (burn/flavor) and I’ve had cigars on a deck in the woods, freezing cold in the dark with good people and drink that were amazing. I think focusing on the "scientific conditions" of smoking a cigar would take away from the experience for me at least. I’m sure there is a level of humidity and temperature that would be best but for the burn flavor etc., but if you find that out you might as well make a bubble or green house with those controlled conditions to smoke in. That’s the image I get when it comes to smoking in a scientific ideal controlled conditions Hehe

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Ideal for me is with a bunch of friends each Wednesday at our local cigar lounge.

Huge place with leather chairs,nearby bar with libations,usually we are almost the only patrons from 5 to 9 or so.

Otherwise,at work in the sports car shop with the roll up door open. Very still with minimal breeze,but large enough to let the smoke drift out.

From a scientific standpoint,there is a temp.range from 60 to 75 and 60 to 75 % humidity I find works best.Similar to ideal storage conditions.Optimal flavor and aroma is found in this range,in my experience.

Too cold and flavor goes flat,wrappers get brittle and split apart,too hot and the cigar gets aggressive and hard to keep lit.

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Judging by previous responses, the ideal conditions for smoking a cigar are emotional and subjective. I can understand that, there's nothing like catching up with mate/s for a laugh and a stogie or two!

From a scientific and objective point of view, I believe there are multiple factors to the enjoyment of a cigar. If you have a cigar that has a good draw, not underfilled, perhaps aged and/or rested, you'd want a moisture content of 9% to 12% in that cigar for optimal enjoyment. Ambient conditions vary, depending on where you reside. Where I live, 20 to 30 rh is unlikely throughout the year but higher temperature compensates for higher rh. So a nice spring day of 27 or 28 degrees with 40 to 50 rh is ideal for my circumstances.

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There's something magic about smoking outside in front of a campfire/fire pit on a comfortably cool evening just after sundown with good company.

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I am not a scientist but I doubt the temp/humidity around you will affect the cigar.

I just need the right mood, no wind so that the smoke can linger around me for a while, great music/company and it's good to go.

Life is complicated enough. Cigars make thinhgs better.

Don't over think it. Smoke and enjoy!

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As Cornell and Fredclever said, no wind - always ruins a cigar for me.

Other than that, I do prefer to smoke indoors if I can - the smoke lingers, and it maximises the olfactory experience. Generally, warmer and more humid weather improves the experience (lack of either always seems to diminish it), but it's not something I have bothered to analyse too closely.

Everything else is entirely subjective, but are probably the most important elements.

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