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I'll share the official press release with you here and if you'd like to ask anything else don't hesitate, From memory last years ride I organized last minute only 2 weeks out but we still managed around 10 riders as part of the Vintage Mildura Clubs ride, This year will be an independent event.

We had the Local Win News cover us last year also and raised I think around 2,000. For 10 riders and only 2 weeks I think we did pretty well and hopefully this year we can do the same if not better given the time to contact the correct local people and get some buzz going.


Press Release;

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2015 Giving the ‘Heave-Ho’ to prostate cancer, two glorious wheels at a time. Question: What do you get when you cross a disease that kills over 1,300 men a day and a classic motorcycle? Answer: The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: A global custom motorcycle event that is giving the marching orders to prostate cancer. On Sunday September 27th 2015, more than 30,000 smartly-dressed gentlefolk in over 400 cities will straddle the saddles of their café racers, bobbers, scramblers and other marvellous custom motorcycles to raise awareness and help fund the cure for prostate cancer. In grand style, dapper gents and elegant ladies shall ride their steeds spreading merriment and joy throughout their communities whilst raising awareness for men’s health. In 2013, over 11,000 participants in 145 cities around the world raised over $277,000 for prostate cancer research. In 2014, over 20,000 participants in 257 cities in 58 countries raised over $1.5 million (US) for prostate cancer research. Our fundraising goal for 2015 is $3 million (US). ‘Tell me more, sir!’ - About The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was founded in 2012 in Sydney Australia, inspired by a photo of Mad Men’s Don Draper astride a classic bike and wearing his finest suit. It was decided a themed ride would be a great way to combat the often-negative stereotype of men on motorcycles, whilst connecting niche motorcycle communities together. That first ride brought together over 2,500 riders across 64 cities. The success of the event encouraged the founder to consider how it could be used to support a worthy cause. And the rest, as they say, is eloquently attired history. Once again ‘Triumph Motorcycles’ one of the world’s most iconic and admired motorcycle manufacturers, has lent it’s support to The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, imbuing it’s esteemed heritage to the event and twisting the throttle to defeat prostate cancer. Mark the 27 th of September in your leather-bound diary. Join a ride, donate to the cause or just come and cheer along some of your community’s finest Gentlefolk as they give prostate cancer the mighty ‘Heave-Ho’. For more information, go to:


(London - Amy Shore)

just some useful links to browse in relation to the upcoming Gentleman's Ride. I'm currently working on obtaining posters and getting everything in order on the local pages. Website opened up today and the facebook opened up on Sunday, Links for Mildura are as follows;

Cheers, Andrew


My Grandfather riding my brand new Ninja 250 and my second bike in 2008 when he Was I believe 86? His period 60's Arai helmet. He was diagnosed last year.


Me attempting dapper 2014


Some of the guys that dressed up 2014


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I might just join up this year at the very least I will get my buddy and his brother in Langley to join.

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Great stuff, classy!

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September 27 was already on the ol' calendar as it's the wifey's birthday. But we'll plan to take the sidecar out on that day specifically to join in the ride. I might even shave the beard and go with a waxed mustache to really get in the spirit. smile.png

Thanks for posting, Andrew!


~ Greg ~

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Dam! Id love to do this! Just a bit to far away...

Always need a good reason to get the ol' Cafe Racer out for a spin.

I think i have a pic laying around here somewhere.....


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Howdy all,

Lads saying they'd like to be involved or will take a bike out, Check out the website, There may even already be a gentleman's ride organized in your area!

And if there isn't.. You can always host one ;)

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