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Hey y'all!

I didn't have a Lusi for tonight's Live Review, so I made do with the 2014 LE.

Thanks Rob for hosting us! It was a fun experience and look forward to joining next time.

Thought I'd share some tasting notes as my box now has a year on it.

Partagas LE 2014
7:15 start
2:00 total time
Slight breeze outside - 69ºF - 65% humidity
paired with water for the first half, then a dram of Caol Ila.
sweet earthy leather aroma at cold
wrapper a fairly smooth, lovely shade of medium brown
draw is excellent, no firm or soft spots, well constructed
1st third
Soft spice, earthy leather, smooth.
2nd third
Similar to the first third with the addition of coffee and cream. Like a macchiato or a cappuccino with a spice like nutmeg.
final third
spice letting go to a nutty flavor. With that coffee taste. Occasional bit of chocolate covered almonds.
I tried one on release and remember enjoying it a lot, but have long forgotten what it tasted like. Now with a year from box date, I’m definitely digging this. Really excited to see how these go and will try to wait till next August to sample another. Would like to try and see if I can make this an annual cigar. Partly for the discipline, partly to see if they keep getting better.
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Enjoyed the review - anyone else share their experience? I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on a box.

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I for one couldn't stand them. The definition of "generic LE profile".

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