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Congrats Carts! You will love them mate clap.gif

And a HUGE thank you to Lisa who ran the competition this year. from the initial banding of the blind cigars to ever aspect of the competitions organisation and maintenance...... It is not easy and you did it flawlessly honey. Well done clap.gifclap.gif

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Thanks to all for the congrats! It was a fun contest, I really enjoyed participating.

Thanks foh team for all your hard work

Damn bro! well done congrats! looking at that list you will have competition next time this comes around...

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Impressive Carts! Your three-in-a-row for cigars 3 to 5 proves the old saying true, "it's not how you start that counts, rather it's how you finish!" Enjoy those Bushidos. ok.gif

thats what she said.... boom tish

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Superb effort. Congrats. Great prize. Thanks to all at FOH for running it. I'm certainly in again next year!

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