Les Fines Lames : Handcrafted Cigar Knife

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Bad design for my taste. Also as mentioned will never be consistent as a dual blade design.

I think that its a cool idea, but not the best for cutting a cigar. With the blade only penetrating from one side, the other side of the cigar tends to get crushed, buggering up the cap/wrapper.

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Meh. Could care less about it. It does look handsome, nice metal and wood finish. But, I'm all about twin-bladed guillotine cutters.

And, maybe it's just me...

But I liked the stainless steel cigar stand better, mostly for the rustic leather pouch for that item. Still, even $48 for that is too much.

Hope they do well and are able to start production though. It'd be neat to see what else they come up with.

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A lot of torque goes into single blade cut like that. Never ends well.

Get scissors.

Marc, the trick is to let the cigar do the work, slowly revolving the cigar against the knife.

Except for Piramides I cut all my cigars with a knife and have excellent results.

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$550 beans don't make sense to me. That's two and a half boxes of my favorite cigars. Besides I already got a French cigar cutter it's an Opinel #8. Bought it 15 years ago for $11.95. Stays sharp as a hot damn and only takes about two seconds with a steel when it isn't. Just slice the cap and go. It can be a ***** on the bigger rings 50 and up, which I hardly ever smoke anyway. For those I just wait till someone visits with a punch.

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