Review - San Cristobal de la Habana Torreon (AME ABR 13)

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Hope you all had a great Christmas and are gearing up for a big New Years Eve.

As promised, one more review before we close out the year. Rob and Ken also discuss some of the best cigars they sampled from 2015.

I head to Hobart tomorrow morning for a spontaneous trip over New Years (only booked today). Whatever you are up to, stay safe and have a blast!

Happy New Year!

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good one, greg. have a great trip.

been trying to get rob to try one of the punch coronas 99, he sold me. no luck yet. that arvo, i'd invited the entire crew around. rob decided he had things to do post vid so cancelled them all. but forgot to tell smithy who fronted up minutes after rob left. so we had a great yack and he was keen to test the 99. his view, about 14 years past their best, but rob, you may have a different view.

and the skins, woohoo. superbowl, here we come. sure, we might be in the NFC Least but it is like being in the jungle when the lion charges. you might be hobbling on one leg but provided you can hobble faster than the other three teams, you are golden!

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