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FOH International Blind Tasting Competition Registration.

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Let's start with the Blind Tasting for 2016 !!!! spotlight.gif

Welcome to the 2016 FOH International Blind Tasting Competition

I love this competition party.gif I love reading the reviews and am in awe of anyone who can pick at least 2 of the 5 cigars on offer. Bloody hell, one is good! I will do my best to make it a challenge without being unreasonable!

Whether novice or experienced in Habanos, the Blind Tasting Competition provides an excellent opportunity to participate in a learning experience. By reviewing the cigars and reading others reviews we all come away with a better understanding of the process as well as the cigars flavour profile. BLIND TASTING cigars is a hellishly difficult process but it is one of the best ways to learn about Habanos (I learned a great deal from many of the reviews)...and have some fun at the same time!!!!

The Rules

First of all thanks to Di and Lisa. Keep in mind with some 100 + participants, communication and rebanding cigars (numbered 1-5) is a time consuming process.

There will be Five cigars picked by myself . These are Standard Production Cigars (No Regional, Edicion Limitada or Specialty Cigars). I will pick the cigars when in the warehouse this week.

1. Cigars (all 5 and bandless and are numbered 1-5 in order they are to be smoked) will be sent the week of the 1st of February. I will select cigars from same code and aroma/wrapper appearance as best I can.

2. . Cigars selected will be in current production.

The post smoking process

1. First cigar (labelled Cigar Number 1) smoked by April 4th. This will give you enough time to lay them down for 30 days rest minimum. You will e-mail Lisa your nomination for that cigar by April 4th. Lisa’s e-mail is lisa.goreta@fohclassifieds.com

I will have a dedicated thread for 2015 FOH BLIND TASTING Cigar 1 pinned to the forum from the Feb 15th . You are invited to provide a brief review but not disclose the cigar on the forum. You will e-mail Lisa your selection. April 4th (or earlier if you wish). I will post up a spreadsheet of the results and the answer.

For the following cigars it is easy. Cigar 2 by May 2nd, Cigar 3 by June 1 st (guys I changed the date as I fly out to Europe on the 3rd June party.gif - Lisa ) Cigar 4 by July 4th Cigar 5 by August 1st). Each time I will post the results via spreadsheet on the forum 7 days after the close.

To the winner (who can correctly select most cigars sent) A $500 Gift voucher (USD/AUD). In the event of a tie, prize is split.

Entry Cost $85 USD $145 AUD (cigars and freight).

Also: A $25 credit for any cigar you pick right to be used on a box (or sampler) purchase over $125 (USD/AUD) from the carts or 24:24 stock. This must be used within 20 days of the winners of that round being announced (prior to the next round of winners being announced). This will keep the admin process nice and easy...says I ....who will have no part of the admin process

Registration Process:

Two Options:

1. If Diana has your details, e-mail her at sales@clubczar.com with your instructions including: Full name, Forum handle and request to be part of this year’s 2016 FOH Blind tasting Competition.

2. International members can also head to Cigar Underground Network International www.*****int.com and purchase a registration online (top of the order sheet in the Sampler Section). Aussies head to www.*****as.com.au and do the same. Within your order please put in the address or comments section your Forum "Handle”

When emailing Lisa your selection please include:

Full Name
Forum Handle
Your selection.

I look forward to your picks and reviews party.gif

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