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A good mate of mine Justin negotiated the global rights for IRODA Torches as a cigar lighter.

Now Bear from Canada put me onto IRODA lighters about 4 years ago. I had lost faith in almost all lighters as only a retailer can. It really doesn't matter if a lighter is $500 or $5 they will fail.....and I have seen many a $15 lighter last longer than a $300 lighter. There are a few exceptions (Dupont comes to mind) but in general it is a nightmare for retailers and owners.

So Bear put me onto this IRODA and I have used and sold them almost exclusively for the past 4 years. I have never had one come back. I have had one fail personally. They are near bulletproof.

Add the fact that they are travel safe. Take out the refill cartridge and put it separate to the case and you can jump on and off planes without a problem. Refilling the cartridges is easy. Hell I always have 2-3 cartridges when I travel. A full cartridge will do 30 cigars or thereabouts.

So Bear introduced me to IRODA. I fell in love and showed Justin last July in London. Justin fell in love with them and approached IRODA. Justin launches "Cigar Traveller" Lighters and the first cab off the rank is FOH monikered lighters.

Will have them up next week. For those who haven't tried this lighter in IRODA form, don't go another month without one. Thank me later biggrin.png

Thank you again to Bear and Justin!





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I bought one for my trip to Havana. Got into the country just fine with it. Cartridge in my pocket, lighter in my check in luggage.

However cuba seems to make their own rules and deceided i could not board the plane with the cartridge on me...didnt make a big deal about it given the refills are about 3$.

I'm glad the boys here turned me on to it as well

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Great stuff Rob will be the perfect compliment to the F.O.H Ashtray


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It works off a bic?

Doesn't work with BIC lighters (oval shaped), only rectangular ones.

One thing I have found with Iroda lighters, if they are not lighting, check the spark. There is a little metal wire above the gas ports. If the wire is protruding too far forward, the spark goes to the shroud instead of the gas ports. Just give the wire a little push (1-2mm) closer to the ports.

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Yes I am very interested in this and ashtray!

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I've already got one, but I am definitely buying an FOH branded one.

definitely adding an FOH one even if I have a iroda already.

Best lighters ever. Never buying a fancy lighter ever again.

You can't beat those ever-reliable, precise burns! I'm in too!

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Don't know if I'm missing a link somewhere but where can I get one of these lighters if they're available?

I do have one that I got from the Snap On truck at work (although I had to get a bank loan for it) but the FOH logo does look cool

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