Headed to the beach house for a week of r & r. Here's the lineup.

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Mother Flipper:

Jez I wish I was with you hanging out... smoking my brains out.

We'd start with some lean Korean BBQ in the AM and go for a nice

3-mile walk - wherever. Next, move into the spicy stuff for lunch.

I'm thinking somthing Asian & vegitarian to lighten the load for dinner.

Then we find some water to swim in and bring the dogs. My lab loves

to swim and I love to swim with her. You would love it too.

Get some wine for the chicks and some rum for papa and we are off

to create a memorable eveninig. Mojitos at sun set and then the party

starts. Maybe we end up in the pool and after the loving, smoky time.

What will we smoke to roll into the evening?

What do you think?


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Sounds like a great week, have fun.

Thanks, Mike. Give Dana my best. Wifey and I will probably hit the cigar bar at Tacky Jacks Wednesday or Thursday. I'll smoke one in your and Dana's honor.

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Love your choice of cigars but that flag is bad...I can sent you one from Rocky Top if you need one!wink.png

Starting to feel it again, aren't you. party.gif

I'd like to burn half of my flag (the ugly maroon side), but wifey wouldn't like that.

Hotty Toddy!

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Football season is so far away! Next time Ole Miss comes to Knoxville you should stop in for a smoke.

So far away. This time of year it seems like it'll never get here. We both have a fun season to look forward too, I think. Thanks for the invite. I'll take you up on that if we get up that way.

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