What is your Non-Alcoholic drink of choice with Cigar

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So, tell me about Vietamese coffee. I like coffee in small quantities but am not familiar with this.



Fell in love with it overseas. Beans typically a coarse grind using a slow drip feed contraption. Resulting strong taste, and then condensed milk is added for major sugar+caffeine rush!

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Home Made Ginger Ale, Coffee, Seltzer Water Truth be told, I don't drink alcohol at all, I'm allergic to it.  Whenever I drink, I break out in handcuffs.

I woke up with Ale8 on the mind but I didn't understand why. Since our post I thunk and thunk...AH! We were in Santa Barbara recently and THIS! My son and I both picked out a GingerAle.  Loved th

Port is a great match.

Dbl or triple shot of espresso from a good Italian espresso maker.

Not the home model jobs but from a commerical brand.

Espresso w / two lumps of sugar. No milk, no water added.

Sparkling water sometimes on the side.

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For a "special" cigar I prefer water. I feel that water draws out the flavors of a cigar without significantly altering them. When I am less neurotic about altering the flavors of my cigar, I enjoy a quality cup of freshly brewed black coffee. Recently I have been enjoying coffees from Costa Rica, but that varies from week to week just like my preference for cigar brands.

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Cranberry juice, Apple juice and anything mango, pomegranate or blueberry.

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