What is your Non-Alcoholic drink of choice with Cigar

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Home Made Ginger Ale, Coffee, Seltzer Water Truth be told, I don't drink alcohol at all, I'm allergic to it.  Whenever I drink, I break out in handcuffs.

I woke up with Ale8 on the mind but I didn't understand why. Since our post I thunk and thunk...AH! We were in Santa Barbara recently and THIS! My son and I both picked out a GingerAle.  Loved th

Port is a great match.

Light to medium cigars with filtered water.  Medium to full cigars, coffee, black.

I plan to drink sweetened tea as well in the future with light to medium cigars next tasting iteration.

Have begun experimenting with salted tomatoes as well as a palate cleanser (washes clean w/ coffee - acid to cut the oils, coffee after to rebalance mouth PH).  At least that's what I'm trying to achieve.  :unsure:

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A tad stereotypical for a Pom/Brit, but I actually like tea: the smoky flavour of lapsang souchong is a good complement to a cigar, I find, and sometimes a rooibos or roseship infusion just hits the spot.  

When it is too hot for tea, I rather like ginger beer or lemon lime and bitters....

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I enjoy a good espresso, cold brew coffee, or earl grey tea, depending on the marca. With the right combo, I find that the sum of the experience is most definitely greater than its parts. However, I also partake in Perrier to cleanse the palate, especially when trying new vitolas.

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If I have never had the cigar before, I go with water. Otherwise I love a cup of coffee in the mornings with a PC. 

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Can't do just water, never tried with cigar.
So it's usually sprite or Fresca anything non caffeinated really that is a little sweet works for me.

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