First Time in Varadero/Cuba - Tips?

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Hi Guys,

I'm off to Varadero (and Cuba) for the first time next Thursday with the Girlfriend, staying at the Royalton Hicacos for 2 weeks, very excited! I know there are a few guides about which I've had a perusal through, but I wanted to double check a few bits.

1) Any general tips and must-dos in Varadero specifically?

2) Where's best to check out in Varadero for cigars? I hear differing reports of the various stores.

3) I'll be taking GBP with me, what's the best solution for changing cash? Airport, hotel, bank in Varadero or doesn't really make a difference?

4) Best way to do a day trip to Havana travel-wise?

5) Anything else worth knowing?



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I was just there 2 weeks ago there's a small walk-in humi in the cheesy shop in the Blau Varadero (not the Aztec pyramid, the one out nearer the end of the island) that had some lovely aged stock. More expensive than Havana, but worth a look if you're just going to be in Varadero.

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