So What Happened?

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Holy crap. Yes, fully understandable, we will all be patient, must have been a hit!... Good luck to you guys and happy kink fixing!
We will be patient (did I mention, that we'll be patient)?

Ok, enough with patience - when will we be allowed to send in our lists with suggestions for improvement....?!!! :lol3::lol3::lol3:

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53 minutes ago, refresh said:

Never. No improvements for you.

You'll hear back from me, mate.... :lol3:

(Get some rest, Jason, you must be 12+ hours working right now!)




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Considering I don't pay a penny to be a part of this forum I think it is very gracious of you to even be mentioning it beyond the post that was pinned regarding the upgrade. If anyone is even remotely peeved about what is going with the transition between the upgrade then they are just simply, a butthole.

Really, the way I see it, we should all be sympathetic to you and the team trying to get things back in order. Good luck and thanks for your work. 

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Cigar smokers may be the most patient people on the planet.  Aside from wine drinkers, who else is willing to wait years to enjoy purchases like a box of cigars?  I think we all will be just fine waiting a few days for the Forum to be fully operational :)

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Just started to have a mooch about and it's very nice. I presume this is why Tapatalk is playing up and won't connect to FoH, but this is not a bad thing as this new setup is working well on my phone and let's us do sooo much more. Congratulations all round and have a cigar!

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