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Friday the 27th is Di's birthday.  Can't say enough. Taking her for a long weekend away to Melbourne Friday lunchtime.  Love of my life.  Have a great birthday honey   

Glamorous as ever ...and I must say..... in bloody good nick  as well   . happy birthday and enjoy your week end.

Happy Birthday Diana! 

Happy Birthday Di! Hope you have a great time.


Doubt Rob will let you down, at least I trust!

Kelly's birthday is the same - two of a kind I've gathered between the wine, shoes and cigar men ;)


Both beautiful too!

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Prez get yourself some comfy shoes as you'll be marching up and down chapel st like a trooper and carrying the bags. Good luck


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A very happy birthday to you Di. Hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend. Thanks again  for all that you do. 

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Happy Birthday Di!!!


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