Your Next 5 boxes wishlist.

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HdM Des Dieux HdM Des Dieux HdM Des Dieux HdM Des Dieux HdM Des Dieux

Picked up #5 on my list in yesterday's 24:24.  One down, four more to go.  

Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No.3 Punch Royal Selection No.11 Diplomaticos No.4 El Rey del Mundo Tainos Sancho Panza Molinos This is a wishlist thread, right?  

3 hours ago, treberty said:

Same list minus the Dip 4 for me... Could live without it.  

I would replace it with the RA 8-9-8...

It may be a wishlist John, but as you know HSA will bring back some discontinued cigars in the coming years (I am an optimist) so our wish may just come true!

I promise you I was very close to nominating the RA 8-9-8 for sentimental reasons, on account of the early 1970s RA 8-9-8 cigar box my father gave me many years ago. I do hope our wish could come true!

48 minutes ago, Fuzz said:

Pity I didn't read this until after our dinner. I would have brought a '99 Party SdC #3 for you tonight. Next time, mate.

You're too kind my friend. Indeed, next time.

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I am on a buying freeze for a few months, but towards the end of the year I will be hunting for:

Cohiba Lanceros

Cohiba Pyramides


Diplomaticos No2


I have not seen some of these on sale for a while, but hoping this will change by the end of the year.


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In no particular order


BHK 52

RyJ Churchills


HDM Epi 2 50 cab



Ive been trying to get some petty debt paid down the last few months, but hopefully in the next month I'll be back to buying again. 

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Your Next 5 boxes wishlist. 


It may be over the next month, the next quarter or the next year...or longer 

In the back of our minds, most of us have a "wish list" of boxes we are seeking. 

What are your top 5 wish list cigars? :cigar:





I could tell you but I'd have to kill you...OK OK I'll give you a hint...rhymes with schmohiba

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- Upmann Mag56 (need a couple more boxes to put to sleep)

- JL #2

- RASS cab

- Upmann Mag50 (never enough)

- HUHC (running low)

Not even gonna mention Sir Winnies, Esplendidos or BHKs because they're very hard to find nowadays.

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will probably grab a box or two of the Mag 54 when they arrive

the new cohiba what ever it is called, looking forward to that when they arrive as well

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