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Hello Chaps,

A dear friend of mine is going to Havana later on this month and has offered to bring back some cigars..

Having been there myself, last year, I know how sometimes poor the selection is in the local tiendas. 

Has anyone been there recently and seen what is widely available in stock that is worth bringing back?

Thanks in advance!

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ooooh! Yes! I've wanted to start this thread. Going in November and while I wont be buying many cigars to bring back, I would be interested what else they may have like humidors or art that would be great to bring back. 

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2 minutes ago, laficion said:

I would bring back ONLY customs. This time get some Papo Robaina. They are really good . I only bring

back customs. Why not get in Cuba what you can't get  elsewhere ??


That's a good point Guy. Last time I was there the customs just didn't seem to be that good. Maybe I'll give it another try in February when I'll go to the festival..

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If I had the chance to do it all over again, I'd almost exclusively bring back customs as well.  Your dollar goes much further on them, they are a unique item rolled by a master roller (if you're smart), and they are often excellent. 


Not to kiss our host's ass but the quality on here is MUCH more consistent and many LCDH's in Cuba are reluctant to open boxes for you until you've made a purchase and quality varies significantly.  I brought back some Principes that were excellent and some HdM DC's that were...meh.  Don't buy anything you can readily get on the forum.

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