A Danish fella lost in hot northern Texas

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Hi All,

What a joy to have found this place.....while in LA last week and working with one of my colleagues, who I've had the pleasure working with for the past 3 years, we started a conversation about cigars.....don't remember how, but it was late at night after having worked for many hours in a small 6" x 6" room.......anyways, he told me that he was mostly smoking Cubans.....now knowing how the US has felt about Cuba in the past I was surprised and started inquiring him about how on earth he would get a hold of them.......and you can maybe imagine how excited I was to learn about www.cuntint.com and FOH.......it was like the sun shined down and lit up a path I had not seen in years (come to think of it, maybe it was just one of the light sensors who detected our movement and turned on an extra light). Being a Dane I had had the pleasure of the introduction to Cubans many years ago as I was just starting to learn about cigars.....however about the same time I was transferred out in the world and ended up in the good old US of A........where it seemed like an impossible quest to obtain Cuban cigars.

Now, I am no big smoker.....nor do I have a whole lot of knowledge about cigars.......I consider myself as a beginner and I hope that I can learn a lot from the forum on everything cigars and home in on my favorite cigar.......so if anyone has any beginner tips, please feel free to send them my way. I was planning on starting with a few samplers to figure out what direction my taste-buds think I should be heading.

Anyways, enough rambling.......a few things about myself.....I am Danish.....married to a Brazilian/Italian.....we have 2 kids (1 boy who is born in Brazil and 1 girl who is born in the US). We live in NTX and mostly enjoy the little bubble life we have here (living in NTX is mostly a bubble compared to other places in the US as it's safe, very affordable and public schools are amazing).......but we do miss the beach as both my wife and I grew up right next to beach.....and we are not big fans of the many days with 95+ Fahrenheit. We ended up in NTX about 7 years ago after having traveled a lot of the world with my work and were only supposed to have been here for 6-12 months......but guess the universe wanted it differently.

Anyways, feel free to message me should you have any good tips to a beginner! :)

Thank you and happy smoking :) 

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Welcome @AanestadI suppose To the U.S. and FOH! You're going to love it here. PM if you have questions anytime.

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By the way.. You can ramble here anytime!

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