How to plug humidor hole for power cable

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Greetings and salutations,

I recently acquired a used humidor (73x48x18) and after getting it home noticed there is a hole in the back on the bottom shelf.  I am fairly certain it was used to run the power cable from the active humidification system to a power outlet behind it.  This is not something I had thought of before hand, although I should have, but now I am trying to figure out what my options are for plugging it.  I was thinking about wrapping the wire in floral foam (only the one or two inches of wire that goes through the hole).  If anybody else has had to resolve this issue I'd love to hear how you did it.

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find a rubber plug the right size,drill a hole the size of the cord, cut halfway thru the plug and fit it around the cord.

maybe you will find a plug w/a hole at a homebrewing shop.

duct tape

Styrofoam plug



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This is an IO J-box, a part I make for my humidors. No, you don't likely need one! But if you look at the side, you see a plastic (black) cap with two weathertight glands.

2016-09-28 11.31.04.jpg

2016-09-28 11.31.16.jpg

Picture one of these say 2" x 2" with 4 mount holes and the gland in the center. Will that work? If so, i will make one for you, and you can send me back a cigar. You will need something in the short term, I am pretty backed up (just so you understand).

Some polyester pillow stuffing, or even some tape will take care of you on the short term. Yes, you will have to remove the wire and run it through the gland. If it requires cutting and splicing, let me know and I till put a couple of lever nut wire connectors on the back and you can splice them there. The lever wire nuts are like the ones in the picture, just less positions!

Cheers! -Piggy

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Back of my humi has power cord running through it ... The hole for the cord was a bit larger than it could of been . 

I just used one of those expanding ear plugs .

they can be compressed to a pretty small diameter ... Within a minute they fill all available space around power cord . I got them in a drugstore .


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