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San Cristobal de La Habana La Punta: EML Jul 14: Por Larrañaga/San Cristobal review comp 2016

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Had my second ever SCDLH La Punta last night and it was a beauty.  Got this box back in July as a "seconds" box due to some head damage.  When I opened the box I found four of the sticks had indeed suffered some kind of insult at the tip of the head, but the damage was only where the cigar was going to be clipped anyway.  Perfect.  Box was dated a full two years old as well.  Bonus for aging!!  I've had them on hand since late July, for the past month in temp/humidity controlled humidor set to 70/60.  The entire box looks and smells wonderful.  Lots of nice sweetness to the tobacco, and a slight barnyard scent noted as well.  Clipped off the damage and found the pre-light draw to be ideal.  Cigar was rolled beautifully.  Color was a medium walnut.  No real redness noted at all.  Just a stick of nice chocolate IMO. 



Immediately upon lighting I note a citrus influence.  Proceeding though the first third also not some nuttiness and perhaps some coffee flavors as well.  Not getting anything sweet.  The nutty flavors and coffee intensify into the second third where I pick up some cinnamon flavors, but only slight.  Also some spice arrived past the halfway point that the description "gingerbread" fit nicely.  



The above mentioned flavors intensified throughout the rest of the smoke leaving me wishing I had bought more from this 24:24 sale this past summer.  Definitely a complex, sweet, medium bodied smoke that had me smiling that I had at least one box in the humidor at least...




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11 hours ago, Jimmy_jack said:

Great review. I may have to get some.

EML 14 San Cristobal! I may need to get some too! :drool:

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Nice review, I'm gonna have to procure a box of them.

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