'El Presidente' still embraced by Tribe fans

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I saw the following article today on mlb.com and thought to myself..."what the?"

'El Presidente' still embraced by Tribe fans

CLEVELAND -- He's been retired from the game for 18 years, but no matter how much time passes, clearly, people don't forget.

Rarely is Dennis Martinez called by his actual name when he appears in a baseball setting. He has always been "El Presidente," and he always will be, as evidenced by the reception he received at Progressive Field on Tuesday night before Game 6 of the World Series.

Martinez, who pitched for the Indians from 1994-96 and was part of the 1995 pennant-winning club, had ceremonial first-pitch honors and is one of several former Tribe stars to attend World Series games that have been played in Cleveland during the postseason.

As the affable Martinez made his way through the maze of media on the field during batting practice Tuesday, he heard, over and over, the familiar greeting: "El Presidente!"

Full Article here...


Ok, for me, there's only one "El Presidente", the one and only Rob Ayala, and I don't think Rob cares for any other American Sports team other than his beloved Buccaneers! Yeah, we all love and admire our "El Pres" for his knowledge and prowess for picking out those quality cigars, but it can't be all bad to be compared to a guy who threw a Perfect game in 1991, and is considered to be one of, if not the best, Latin American Baseball pitcher ever!

Roll On Game 7 of this intriguing Fall Classic in 2016!


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I remember when El Presidente pitched a few innings for our AAA team, which was an affiliate of the Expos at the time.  In fact, there's an FOH member @jackattackwho I would be willing to bet played with El Presidente at some point during their time in the Expos organization.

As for best Latin American pitcher ever, for me that's Dennis's namesake, and former fellow Expo, Pedro Martinez.  

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That would be a winning bet wabasher. That was 1987 I believe...Wow, almost 30 years ago. Crazy how time flies.

I vaguely recall him coming down for a rehab assignment once. I got to watch his act as a September call up in 87'. He was a fierce competitor and true professional. He knew how to pitch and had a filthy, "good night" curve-ball. He didn't over use it like most pitchers do. I think he has a no-no or perfect game during his career....I got traded over to Texas that winter so i didn't have to face that snap dragon during my career.

Which was nice! :)

I grew up watching Juan Marichal, Lius Tiant and "Nando" Valenzuela.....emulated those guys as a kid. Loved those guys....

Popping the popcorn and making sure there are plenty of cold adult beverages for tonight's game. Can't wait. I hope it's a good game. I'm leaning towards the Indians as Tito Francona is a friend/Arizona alum. He had a lot more hair back then...:lol: 

BTW...my post game cigar/bev. will be a HU mag 46 and Aberlour Abunadh....



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