leonard cohen RIP

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One thing I love about music, that I think most other music lovers can relate to, is the progression from your favorite contemporary artists into exploring some of their influences.  And then exploring their influences, and so on.  It's how I've come to love and appreciate music from many generations before me, and it's given me a wider appreciation for and connection with my favorite contemporary artists.  What I've found over time is that so many of those roads for me have led to Leonard Cohen.  I've only recently, within the last year or so, really started to explore his work, which is stunningly brilliant.  I've always been aware of him, but it required the context of his massive influence for me to truly appreciate him.  Even his most recent album, released just last month, is very good.  


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My Wife and I went to his last concert here in Brisbane. What an amazing night and what an amazing man. He stayed on stage the whole time, no going off stage for a break and when the concert was supposed to end he kept going for about another half hour.

I'm so glad we saw him when we had the chance.

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