Help me choose next box of DC

Help me choose next box of DC  

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As @forgop mentioned, the Lusitanias are currently smoking well. I really can't comment on the others as I don't spend anywhere near enough time on these larger vitolas as I'd like. You may find a variety of opinions on this thread, based on personal preferences, El Pres has been stating the same in his recent 24:24 listings and recent Christmas Sampler. I actually look forward to sampling my Lusitania when it comes! :2thumbs:

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2 hours ago, Hutch said:

While I like a few different ones, but if I bought only one I don't even have to think about it...Lusi without a doubt. That has usually been the case, but lately they have been especially good.

This--exactly what Hutch said (I've been doing that a lot lately).  No doubt to me either.  

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Good move on sampling the hoyo.

I was in the same boat as you and ended up doing splits on boxes of DC when they hit the 24:24.  This resulted in having a nice DC sampler of all brands (except SLRDC).  You will get votes for every brand here but the only true way to know what YOU will like is to try them!  Lusis are in the lead but are my least favorite, to each their own!

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